Adorning walls throughout the world for millennia is art work.
Cave paintings capture moments in time, share sacred knowledge and record the presence of indigenous peoples through works of art.
These works of art have continued to evolve with the introduction of new materials, tools and methods of production.
Accidentally preserved and later rescued by mother nature, dug out of school bags and hung on the fridge, or uncovered from attics or basements to be returned to gallery walls, the human soul has an inherent need for art.
There is a sense of something missing from a home when it is void of art.

For artists, however, the love of art extends beyond crumpled pages rescued from school bags or curated pieces to bring warmth to a home.
For an artist, producing art is equivalent to breathing. Fo art breathes life into us all.

By examining cave paintings we are transported back to a time where the relationship between humans and the environment was symbiotic.
It is not surprising that the natural world, either lived or imagined, is the subject matter of so many works of art.

Art is all encompassing and nowhere is this more apparent then when immersed in nature.

When Jacob Jon produced his newest collection EVERGREEN it had him examining so much more than the natural environment, however.
Using plants as his subject matter Jacob Jon has produced EVERGREEN to have his audience ponder what it means to thrive in your environment.
Is thriving a balancing act between neglect and nurture, insight and ignorance?

By depicting the plants as wild and filling the space, has Jacob Jon given us plants that are healthy and experiencing continued growth? Or have they met capacity and been stunted by the limiting environment of their pot? Don’t we all crave room to grow or have we limited ourselves without even knowing it?

The quirkiness of EVERGREEN is deliberate as it requires us to really stop and think, just what is it about EVERGREEN that speaks to us.
EVERGREEN has us wondering if constant and more nurturing is a sign of growth, or if our attempts are the very thing delaying the blossoms.

Just because we fill the space and make our presence noticeable, are we actually doing well?
Have we reached our limited and outgrown the space because we have filled it? Should we even be limiting ourselves by finding a space or should we be on the constant move to avoid overcrowding in our space?
With the right amount of love, light and laughter, a dash of despair, loneliness and loss; beauty has emerged with EVERGREEN. Is this true for us all?
The chaos of the plants add interest and passion to the most sterile of rooms. Yet remind us that it is a fleeting moment in time before the leaves start to drop.

But with the right amount of water, a shift in location in accordance with the light, life will begin again. Life is all about cause and effect in both straightforward and complicated ways.
This is also true for art and the life of the artist.
We appreciate the influence art has on our space.
The mood of our home is lifted with the addition of pieces.

Our mental load is reflected in the art we choose to adorn our walls. Just as the mental load of the artist is relieved through their creations.